2014 Schedule Updated

We’ve added a number of new dates to our 2014 schedule. Please check it out on our Schedule page.


The Elkton Bluegrass Jam Sessions are held every Tuesday evening from 6 to 8 pm starting January 14th running to May 13th, 2014.  The Jams are held at Elkton Community Center at 20592 Blue and Gold Drive, Elkton.  The return of a regular public music jam in Elkton will bring back a town tradition that dates back many generations. The music includes: bluegrass, old-time, gospel, and traditional country music.  The Jams are sponsored by the Elkton Community Center and the Shenandoah Music Trail.  The acoustic Jams are free and open to the public. Listeners as well as pickers of all ages and abilities are welcome.  There is no dress code, so just come as you are!

Check out the digital downloads now available on our Discography page. In addition to physical CDs, you can now buy access to digital downloads of individual CDs.

A new box of CDs arrived today from the replicator.  CDs are available for online purchase and may also be purchased at our concerts.  Our Volume 5 CD continues to be a popular seller, and is still being played on local radio stations.  It contains 16 wonderful tracks of gospel music, including two great instrumentals.  Pick one up today!

Updated 2013 Schedule

We have added a number of dates to the Schedule page for the upcoming year.  If you have a chance to join us at any of our concerts, we would love to have you there.

This sure is panning out to be a very hot summer.  While the last couple days have been mild, the last couple weeks have been above average, pushing over 100 degrees on multiple days.  Last weekend, Heartland played the Rocky Bar lawn party on Saturday evening, and the Vance reunion on Sunday.  They were hot shows, to be sure… and we haven’t even hit the middle of summer yet!

We recently got another run of Heartland Volume 5 CDs in stock.  These seem to go fast, so make sure you pick one up while they last.  The schedule is being updated with many new shows, so you will hopefully have an opportunity to join us in the future.  CDs are also purchasable online.

Stay cool!

Heartland was excited to provide some good gospel music at the beginning of Tuesday evening’s revival service over at Garber’s Church of the Brethren.  Spring is officially here, and it is a good time reflect on revival.  I believe they are having revival all week at 7:00 PM in the evening.

More dates will be added to the calendar soon, stay tuned.